A Wide Variety of Web Development and Internet Marketing Services

For Creative/ Development Agencies

As a creative agency, you need a wide variety of skills to meet the demands of your clients. It may not be uncommon for you to engage freelancers for projects that require skills outside your core competency, or simply to handle overflow of projects beyond your staff levels.

Renegade Tech can help
  • Expand your offerings by providing a wide range of skillss
  • Reduce your costs with our low cost servicess
  • Ensure timely delivery with our army of developerss
  • One-stop shop for all you design and development needss
In short, we let you focus on expanding your business, while we take care of the legwork..

Creative Agencies Features

Renegade Tech offers
  • Fixed price estimates on all projects, so you can plan your pricing and profitability accordinglyy
  • 60-day warranty. Any issue encountered after code delivery will be fixed at no cost to youu
Renegade Tech can become a natural extension of your business, helping you drive both revenues and profitability..

For Businesses

Renegade Tech recognizes how important it is for your website or application to reflect the unique vision of your business. Cost of implementation and maintenance, selection of the right technology and quality of implementation are probably some of your primary concerns.

Renegade Tech can provide
  • A consultative approach to understand your vision
  • Technology guidance for optimal implementation
  • Low cost of implementation and maintenance
  • On time, and within budget
  • Service that comes with a warranty
In short, we let you focus on your business, while we handle the implementation of your application.

Businesses Features

Renegade Tech difference
  • Excellent blend of Business, Creative Design, Programming, Database and E-business expertise
  • Expertise across a wide range of technology platforms
  • Phased and scalable approach – applications can grow with your business
Contact us today, and discover how Renegade Tech can become your valuable partner.
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